The Dalesman County Inn - Our new range of specialist bottled Craft Beers & Ales

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The Dalesman Country Inn Sedbergh
The Dalesman Country Inn Sedbergh
The Dalesman Country Inn Sedbergh

Our new range of specialist bottled Craft Beers & Ales

We’re pleased to announce our new range of Craft Beers & Ales is available in the bar at the Dalesman Country Inn. Our craft beers have been specially sourced from micro breweries from all over the globe.

Our range includes the following:

Pale Lager

Lightest style of beer; match with light dishes – e.g. Salads, fish, chicken, pork. Any big flavours in the dish will risk overwhelming the flavours in the beer, but lagers can serve as a good palate cleanser – the carbonation helps scrub your palate clean, refreshing it ahead of the next dish either as a palate cleanser to start, or between courses.


Amber Lager

The amber colour comes from the use of richer, sweeter specialist malts which often give beer a nice caramel sweetness to off-set the bitterness of hops, which are used for aroma/flavour. That caramel flavour will lend itself particularly well to food that caramelises as it’s grilled, roasted, etc.


Pale Ales & IPAs

These beers are hoppier, fruitier and much bigger on flavour. Their grassy and citrus fruit flavours lend themselves well to punchier flavours on your plate – Thai, Mexican, Cheddar cheese – as well as to a similar range of foods as the Amber Lagers – burgers, sausages, pizzas, steaks.


Wheat Beers

The hefeweizen style is one of Bavaria’s specialties, along with Helles and Dunkel style lagers. Wheat beers in this style carry a wonderful creamy texture, with a rich fruity flavour, and a slightly spicier character. These beers are adept at partnering a wide and diverse range of foods, but are particularly good with pork dishes and spicier food (the creamier style of the beer helps to balance the heat). 

Thursday 18th of June 2015

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